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Profile of the Department

The Bureau of Ghana Languages, formerly known as the Vernacular Literature Bureau, was established in 1951 as an independent statutory corporation by the Gold Coast Vernacular Literature Board Ordinance 1950 (as amended by Ordinance No. 44 of 1951).


The main function of the Bureau was the production of literature in the various Gold Coast (Ghana) Languages with particular reference to the needs of new literates. In view of this, in 1953, UNESCO provided consultancy services in the training of the Bureau’s editorial staff. The Vernacular Literature Bureau therefore produced reading materials for the Mass Literacy Campaign in the Gold Coast (Ghana). Subsequent Government policy changes in the role of indigenous languages in post-Independence Ghana brought in their wake several new functions for the Bureau.

The BGL under the Ministry of Information

In 1958, the Vernacular Literature Bureau was placed under the Ministry of Information and its name was changed to the Bureau of Ghana Languages. While it was under the Ministry of Information, the Bureau was producing newspapers in the following Languages with these titles:
1 Nkwantabisa - Mfantse
2 Akwansosem - Akuapem Twi
3 M4tabiala - Ewe
4 Maŋsral4 - Ga
5 Kakyevol1 - Nzema
6 Nkwantabisa - Asante Twi